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I am The Circle of the Veil’s newest recruit, and it isn’t by choice.

Secret supernatural society, The Circle of the Veil, is recruiting rogue supernaturals to protect our kind. The job: make life hell for The FPA, a shady government organization known for hunting witches, vampires and werewolves to use in mad science experiments.

A vampire with volatile blood magic, I made a reckless mistake that got me busted by Nova, the mesmerizing incubus demon who makes me an offer I can’t refuse. Because the alternative is death.

Now I’m forced to fight alongside other badass beasties, including the playful werewolf Rayne, the mysterious werewolf Corr, and Ghost, an elusive and lethal vampire, the one night stand I never thought I’d see again.

It’s a misfit team of deadly recruits. If it wasn’t for the hot but infuriating as hell Nova acting as my superior, I might even grow to like this gig.

If it doesn’t get me killed first.