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Question 1: How do you pronounce Arys and Kylarai?

Answer: Arys (air-iss) Kylarai (kill-are-ay)


Question 2: Who are some of your favorite authors?

Answer: I have many authors I love. I like to read a little of all genres. Maggie Stiefvater is one author I will always read no matter what she writes. I adore her. Kim Harrison is another author I read faithfully. I love her Rachel Morgan series. Richard Laymon wrote some awesome vampire horror. Back when I was a teen it was Christie Golden’s vampire novel, Vampire of the Mists, that really inspired me to write my own stories.


Question 3: Does Alexa share any traits with you?

Answer: I’d like to think that I’m not as reckless as Alexa is but I know that I was once, lol. She shares some of my bluntness but I think she actually does a better job of keeping her mouth shut at times than I do.


Question 4: What supernatural would you want to be?

Answer: That’s a hard one. Really hard. Damn. Hmm. I guess I’d have to go with vampire. As much as I love my shifters, the vampire was my first supernatural love.


Question 5: Is Arys real and if so can you send him my way?

Answer: You know if he was real I’d never be able to tell you anyway. Arys would kill me. Trust me, you don’t really want him to know where you are.


Question 6: Will there be a movie or TV show of the Alexa O’Brien series?

Answer: At this point there is nothing in the works. But I would love to see the series on TV if the right opportunity came up and if it would be done in the right way. Word of mouth really goes a long way in the popularity of a series so keep spreading the word and maybe one day we’ll see it happen.


Question 7: How did you get the idea for creating the Alexa O’Brien series?

Answer: I started writing vampire stories when I was 12, after seeing the movie The Lost Boys. I knew I wanted to write my own supernatural fiction. I wrote a lot of small stories but it was about ten years later that I seriously started to work on a series. I wanted to write a kick ass female lead. I did a lot of writing with Alexa to get to know her. Many drafts of the first book were written and rewritten endlessly. Finally, Once Bitten was born and I’ve been blessed to be able to keep going from there.


Question 8: Do you have any idea how many books you will create in the Alexa O’Brien series?

Answer: I have no idea. I have no predetermined amount in mind. As long as the story and characters are growing and changing I’d like to keep going. For now I’m taking it one at a time.


Question 9: Do you have any plans for another series?

Answer: Yes! In 2015 I launched the Rebel Heart series, featuring the girls of Crimson Sin. Alexa fans will recognize Crimson Sin as the rock band that plays at The Wicked Kiss. Check out the Crimson Sin page for more info.


Question 10: Is there any possibility of a spinoff series for one of the Alexa characters that have a little less backstory?

Answer: I have started writing novellas from other Alexa character points of view. At this time I have no plan for a full spin off but I do plan to write more novellas like this. I would like to write a prequel book telling the story of when Alexa first met Raoul. Their relationship can be viewed and interpreted many ways. I’d love a closer look at it myself. I’m not sure when a prequel will happen but it is on my writing to do list.


Question 11: If there was going to be a movie or tv show based on the Alexa O’Brien series, who would you want to play the main characters(Alexa, Shaz, Arys, Kylarai, Kale)?

Actually, if the series ever made it onto the screen, I think I’d prefer mostly unknown actors, so that they aren’t already strongly associated with other characters. But for Alexa, I would LOVE to have Taylor Momsen play her. She would be perfect!


Question 12: Can you pul-leez write a POV on Jez? We know so little of her back story and while it’s very gracious of you to give her a cameo in the Rebel Heart series, this woman wants more! And please don’t leave out the sexy bits! 

Yes, Jez will be getting her own novella. 🙂 I’m not sure exactly when but I think it will be after book 12. I know it’s not much but I did write a teeny tiny short story from her POV at Christmas. https://www.facebook.com/authortrinamlee/posts/954670994626317 


Question 13: Are the characters in the Alexa O’ Brien series based off of real characters? Or are they just made up? And, do you have any tips of how to end a book with a good cliffhanger, but also have a happy ending mixed in?

The characters are all made up, although I’m sure many of us writers draw from real life to a degree, although I think in most cases it’s subconscious. I’ve never purposely used real life people in my work. I’m not sure I have any really helpful tips since all writers are different but I like to try to wrap up the plot that’s featured in each book while planting seeds for what’s coming in the future rather than leaving a major cliffhanger. But once you get into a routine you’ll discover what works best for you and your writing style.