Rebel Heart Book 2

Ember Evans, aka Spike, is discovering where she stands in the battle between light and dark. Being half human and half angel means juggling two worlds. It's not easy for the nephilim to find their place in the war between angels and demons. 

When a rock scene girl turns up dead Arrow is blamed for the crime even though he has no memory of the night in question. Rowen insists Arrow is innocent but Spike worries that he’s defending a guilty man. Once she gets involved the truth is revealed and its more twisted than she anticipates.

The city's dark forces have not given up on having Rowen as their own and they're willing to destroy anyone who stands in their way. Even Spike. When the dark wants something, they go to any length to get it. 

Coming February 12, 2016


Hurt Sml


Alexa O'Brien Huntress Book 10.5:

A Shaz Richardson Novella 

Shaz is caught between his new wolf pack and the woman he's sworn to love forever. As a war brews between vampires and werewolves, Shaz tries to play peacemaker. That's easier said than done when Arys gets involved. But there's more to Shaz than meets the eye. He's about to find out just how much more.


Coming March 18, 2016