Rebel Heart Book Two

When a rock scene girl turns up dead Arrow is sure he committed the crime even though he has no memory of the night in question. Rowen insists Arrow is innocent but Spike worries that he’s defending a guilty man. The truth is more twisted than she anticipates. Arrow is a demon pawn, manipulated into committing horrific acts he can’t remember. When Rowen gets in over his head trying to help Arrow, Spike has to embrace her role as Keeper of the Midnight Star to save them both.


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Alexa O'Brien Huntress Book Ten

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with Shya’s house of horrors? When Alexa receives an invitation to what’s got to be the worst party of the year, she can’t help but be intrigued. The details are clear: make it through a haunted house like no other and be free of Shya forever. Fail and owe him a favor. Shya’s party will push guests to their limits. It’s not an experience for the faint of heart.

As Halloween approaches, so does Shaz’s initiation into the Doghead pack, right in time for another wolf to turn up dead. Alexa struggles to run damage control and avoid a war with the Doghead Alpha.

Demon games, pissed off wolves and the hunt for other twin flames would drive any mentally unhinged hybrid over the edge. But what the hell? Sanity is overrated.


Coming October 30, 2015





Revenant Zombie Chronicles Book One: Reckoning

When love is so strong it can overcome even death...

Blaze is a zombie. She's not your typical brain eating, rotting corpse though. She's a revenant, one brought back from the dead with one burning desire. Revenge.

Somebody killed Blaze Ashton. They killed her lover too. He didn’t come back. She did. They should have made sure she stayed dead.


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