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The Alexa O’Brien Series Going Into Kindle Unlimited

The Alexa O'Brien Huntress series will be heading into Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. I've decided to try the series in KU in order to reach new readers and boost the series. Unfortunately to be in KU an author/publisher has to agree to be exclusive to Amazon and not sell on other retailers. So Alexa will be disappearing from other retailers while she's in KU. However, I will continue to release each new book at all retailers for at least one month first for those readers who've been with me for quite some time. I love you all and I want to be fair to those of you who have supported me.  Kindle Unlimited is not a permanent thing. It's 90 days at a time. I can't say for certain how long Alexa will be there but I will keep you all posted. Amazon does have a free Kindle app for all Apple and Android devices.  Thank you all for understanding and for your continued support over the years. <3