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Falling in love was a lesson I only had to learn once.

Thirteen years ago the love of my life and literal partner in crime walked out the door and never came back. The note Shiloh left behind explained nothing. After three decades of pulling off heists, con jobs, and straight up murder she was gone.

Getting over the beautiful vampire who’d loved me with a scorching hot passion, turned me, and left me was the hardest thing I ever had to do. So what the hell is she doing back in my city after all this time?


It should have been like any other job. Get in, get the goods, kill the guy, and get out. The last person I expect to find when I walk into my new target’s office is Xavier.

One look at him and it all comes rushing back. He was the victim I never should have fallen for. The one I turned so we could be together always, and then I walked out on him.

I left X to protect him. He doesn’t know how dangerous it is for us to be together. But I owe him answers, even if they drive the final nails into the coffin of our dead romance.