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Blaze is The Circle of the Veil’s newest recruit, and it isn’t by choice.
A vampire with trust issues and an attitude problem, Blaze’s penchant for blood and violence causes her to make a reckless mistake. One that comes with dire consequences. When she finds herself cornered by Nova, a mesmerizing incubus demon, she thinks it’s all over.

Until he offers her an ultimatum.

Secret supernatural society, The Circle of the Veil, is recruiting supernaturals with a track record of murder and mayhem to protect their kind by making life hell for the human authorities that tread too far into their world. The Federal Para-Intelligence Agency, aka The FPA.

Accept the position or die. There’s no arguing with demons.

Since death is not an option, Blaze is forced to train at The Circle’s academy alongside several other badass beasties. Including the playful werewolf Rayne. The mysterious and quiet werewolf Corr. And Ghost, an elusive and lethal vampire, the one night stand Blaze never thought she’d see again.

It’s a misfit team of deadly recruits. If it wasn’t for hot but infuriating as hell Nova acting as their handler and trainer, Blaze might even grow to like this gig.

If it doesn’t get her killed first.


This is an adult reverse harem urban fantasy. Assassins of Mayhem Academy is set within the Alexa O’Brien Huntress world. Although there is some crossover you don’t have to read Alexa first to enjoy this one.