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My fated mate is hunting me.

I screwed up big time. Not only did I make my first innocent kill, I failed to get rid of the evidence in time. Now The Circle of the Veil has sent a hunter after me. Not just any hunter. Arsen. My twin flame, the light to my dark. My literal other half. I won’t run from him. If he wants to kill me then he can damn well try. I’ll give him the fight of his life.

Every moment spent divided from him sends me spiraling deeper into the void. If Arsen wants to bring our volatile bond to a tragic and violent end, he’ll have to hurry. Because he’s not the only one coming for me.

An attack on me makes the rest of my lovers nervous. Twin flame blood is rare and powerful. It appears that someone magical has sinister plans for me. I’ll slot that into my schedule, right after my impending self-destruction.