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Alexa’s fighting a losing battle with the darkness growing inside her.

But there’s no time to feel sorry for herself. She must find a way to stop Lilah, the demon queen hell bent on making Alexa surrender her blood to break a centuries old curse. With her power bound, Lilah is ready to play dirty. Even if it means killing Alexa’s wolves, one by one. 

It’s not easy to stay a step ahead of the demon, especially with the FPA on her case. The government op is to blame for the disappearance of Kale Sinclair. When she looks into his whereabouts, the discovery of some shady secrets paints the FPA in a whole new light. 

Conflict between Arys and Alexa grows hot when Arys wants to ally with Shya, a demon with his own sinister agenda. But Alexa can only deal with one demon at a time. Nothing else matters when Lilah targets someone close to her. Alexa will do anything to make it right, even walking straight into the demon’s clutches.