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My fated mate promised to kill me. Now he needs my help.

Twin flames. One light. One dark. Two individual halves of the same soul. Twin flames share a calling that brings them together even if it means bonding me, a bartending werewolf, to a rogue hunting nephilim dragon shifter. Bonded flames don’t have it easy. The price they pay for the power they share often includes their sanity.

When Arsen straight up rejects me and our bond it’s a slap in the face. I didn’t ask for this either.

Moving on is hard with the challenges of our bond plaguing me. My sexy vampire co-worker and his best friend are happy to take my mind off things, and the Alpha of one of the city’s wolf packs is eager to claim me as his mate.

Arsen ran from fate, leaving me behind. Imagine my surprise when I find him broken and bleeding on my doorstep, begging for my help.