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The demons want me. The angels need me. Destiny is a hot mess.

Angel blood runs through my veins. Half human and half angel, I’m a rare female nephilim caught in the middle of the war between angels and demons. The light and the dark. Lucky me.

All I really want to do is live a normal life and chase a rock star dream with my best friend. Or as close to normal as it can get with demons tracking my every move and said best friend being a rowdy werewolf.

And then there’s my little problem with commitment. Frankly, I suck at it. So I’m doing my best to avoid choosing a side. Until I meet the foxy Rowen and sly devil Arrow. Nephilim like me, they’re the only pair of siblings to exist among our kind. The dark is hellbent on claiming them both, and I just might be the only one who can stop that from happening.

But that means no more sitting on the sidelines. If I take up my sword and join this fight there’s no going back. I have no idea just how much these brothers are about to change my world.